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****** Our Church Celebrates 150 Years as a Presbyterian Church! Thank you to all who came out on Archive Sunday to view the archives and artifacts that were displayed. We hope you enjoyed your journey through the archives to discover the answers to the Historical Questions. To check yourself, Click Here for the answers!

Recently, our bell in the belfry of the steeple needed repair as the rope used to ring the bell had broken beyond our reach. As a result of the expert work done, we have some great photos of the bell and area in the belfry. Take a look with this video - Inside the Belfry.

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The Rev. Dr. Thomas T. Peters Concert Series - Meet us under the Steeple
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****** Also, at the February 26th concert, the new series was dedicated to the Rev. Dr. Thomas T Peters. Click here to listen to Rev. Barbara Peters as she remembers him and his love of music.